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How To Apply to EnrollWCC Schools

Applications open October 2, 2023

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What Makes Each EnrollWCC School Unique
Use our School Finder to sort EnrollWCC schools by grade, location, and other options. Read about each school’s unique strengths and offerings on individual School Pages.
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  • Visit each school’s website - you'll find a link on each EnrollWCC School Page
  • Call schools directly if you have questions or want to plan a visit
  • Check out upcoming Events hosted by EnrollWCC or individual schools
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Use a Single Online Application to Apply to Up to 12 Schools
All EnrollWCC schools use one common application hosted by SchoolMint. You can apply to just one school, or to multiple EnrollWCC schools at the same time.

Application Process

IMPORTANT: Applying to multiple schools increases your chance of securing at least one enrollment offer for your child in an EnrollWCC school.

  • Visit on or after October 2, 2023 to create a new account or login to an existing account
  • Create or update the required info for yourself and your child(ren). Be sure all information is current and accurate so your application(s) can be processed
  • Select the school(s) you wish to apply to, and answer any additional questions that may be required from individual schools
  • SUBMIT your online application by Friday, February 16, 2024!
You will receive an electronic confirmation (via email and/or text) that the application has been received. You can make changes to the application and/or check the status of the application at any time.

Trouble submitting your application online?
For assistance, please visit any participating EnrollWCC school and they will help you submit your application.

Privacy Information Your application information will only be shared with schools and staff participating in EnrollWCC. Learn more about SchoolMint’s secure online platform by visiting
After I apply, what happens next?

Each school will process your application. If a school has more applications than available spaces, it will conduct a lottery to select students to fill all available spaces. After the lottery, you will receive a notification that either your student(s) have been offered enrollment, or that they have been placed on the school’s waitlist.

SB 75 Requirements

California’s SB 75 prohibits charters from discouraging any pupil from seeking to enroll, or encouraging existing pupil to dis-enroll for any reason including academic underperformance, EL status, socioeconomics, disability, foster status, homelessness, race or ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. This applies even when a parent or student merely seeks information about the school (e.g., attends informational meeting or picks up enrollment materials), applies for enrollment, and when actually enrolled.

Common Application Questions
How does the lottery work?

If more students apply to a school than there are spaces are available, each school will conduct a lottery to determine which applicants will be offered admission. A computer system randomly selects names based on priorities in each charter school's lottery. The process is automatic, and is audited. Each school has its own admissions priorities and waiting list process. Please refer to each school's pages on this website for more information on that school's admissions priorities. Lottery priorities vary by school, and all are authorized by the school board, a county office of education, or the state. Each school will contact students on the waiting list if space becomes available.

What does it mean to be on a school’s waitlist?

Because there can be more applications to a school than openings at that school, enrollment is not guaranteed. Many charter schools have waitlists and enroll more students as additional openings become available. Charter school waitlists cannot roll over from year to year, based on state law. Waitlists remain in place through the end of each school year. For example, if an application is submitted for the 2023-24 school year, a child’s name will be on the waitlist only until the end of this year. The following year, everyone has an equal chance when reapplying.

How do I accept an enrollment offer at a charter school?

 To accept an offer to a school, login to your SchoolMint account. The Student Dashboard lists any applications you have submitted, along with their status. If an application is in "offered" status, there will also be a green button that you can click to accept the offer, as well as a red button that you can click to decline that offer.  Click "accept" to accept. You should get a confirmation email and/or text confirming that you accepted, with more instructions on how to register. Please note that after this step, you must register with the school to ensure your seat. You can ONLY accept an offer at ONE school, even if you receive offers from multiple schools. If you are on the waitlist at additional schools, accepting an offer will NOT remove you from other schools’ waitlists.

After I accept an offer, how do I register?

After you accept an offer at one school, that school will contact you to complete a registration process. This may include additional paperwork, verification of student records, and other steps. The enrollment process will be complete only when you submit all required documents to the school itself.

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