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AMPS Richmond Charter Academy

1450 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA 94804


AMPS — Richmond Charter Academy’s (RCA) mission is to foster a culture of hard work and prepare students in a manner that will help them excel in high school and attend the college of their dreams.

Curriculum & Instruction

RCA provides a rigorous college preparatory and character development program. The school offers tutoring services for all students and has an on-site counselor to serve the various needs of its scholars. RCA provides a standards-based curriculum and one-to-one technology devices for every scholar, which helps teachers differentiate instruction based on the needs of the student.

Culture & Safety

RCA believes in developing every scholar academically and socially and utilizes a structured character development system called Proactive and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), which focuses on preventative and positive behavior choices and restorative practices. RCA involves parents through the Family Staff Team (FST), which is composed of staff, community members, and parents and seeks to improve school culture. The FST meets regularly to make recommendations regarding programming, educational activities, supplemental activities, and expenditures for programs at RCA.

Programs & Activities

RCA offers a wide variety of activities for students every day through the After School Education and Safety program, including art, chess, rugby, soccer, coding, and more. Additionally, throughout the year, RCA hosts different events where parents can also participate, including Math Night, a Posada, and much more. RCA also has an ongoing communication system with parents, which includes school outreach, personal phone calls, memos, and emails.

COVID-19 Safety Information

Please see the school’s website for COVID-19 safety information

Enrollment Priorities

The following information will be used to prioritize applicants at Amethod Schools during the Round One student assignment process. No particular type of applicant is guaranteed admission, and all applicants are prioritized in the following way:

  1. Siblings of existing students of the Charter School
  2. Students who are enrolled in the immediate prior grade level of another Amethod Public Schools charter school
  3. Children of Charter School teachers and staff (not to exceed 10% of the Charter School’s enrollment)
  4. Residents of the West Contra Costa Unified School District
  5. All other students
Grades Served
6, 7, 8
School Hours
Mon - Thurs: 8am - 3pm | Fri: 8am - 12:40pm
After Care
3pm - 6pm
Before Care
Public Transportation
AC Transit: 74
Allyson Schoolcraft

By the Numbers

Total Enrollment
4% Black/African-American
92% Latino/Hispanic
2% White
2% Other
Suspension Rate: 6.8%
Chronic Absenteeism Rate: 25%

Special Education

Economically Disadvantaged

English Language Learners

Academic Comparison

Average academic scores (SBAC) for grades tested compared to the public school average score (district and charter) for the same grades.

English Scores
Math Scores
Academic Performance
English Language Arts

This school profile includes data available through CA Department of Education (CDE) or other sources. Due to the pandemic and resulting changes, data is released for multiple school years: Student / school demographic data, Graduation Rate, Chronic Absenteeism Rate, Suspension Rate, Academic Comparison, and Academic Performance are from the 2022-23 academic yearUC/CSU Eligibility data are from 2020-21. Some data is reported by schools to provide more up-to-date information and may differ from published CDE data.

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