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Aspire Richmond California College Preparatory Academy

3040 Hilltop Mall Road, Richmond, CA 94806


Aspire Richmond California College Preparatory Academy (Richmond Cal Prep) exists to ensure that all young people have the knowledge and skills to thrive in college and society so that they will solve the challenges our communities face today and tomorrow.

Curriculum & Instruction

Richmond Cal Prep is a community in which all members exercise critical consciousness, voice, agency, and leadership to solve the challenges our communities face. The school community lives Richmond Cal Prep’s core values (community, curiosity, equity, empathy, growth mindset, and integrity) as a means to creating more just and equitable communities for the generations to come. Richmond Cal Prep focuses on preparing our students to be eligible for college entry classes by their senior year.

Culture & Safety

Richmond Cal Prep’s school-wide community model is based on a theory of restorative practices, focusing on proactively building community and working diligently to repair relationships when harm occurs. To this end, Richmond Cal Prep has a school-wide advisory program, mindfulness instruction, and a student leadership council. The school welcomes family involvement and has a family engagement coordinator to support family programming.

Programs & Activities

Richmond Cal Prep is part of the Bay Area Charter Schools Athletic Conference and has high school basketball, volleyball, flag football, baseball, and soccer. There are a number of student run clubs during after school and lunch. Student clubs include La Fuerza, Black Student Union, Muslim Student Association, and Cal Prep Pride. We have many family committees that will meet regularly including: School Site Council, Asian American Pacific Islander affinity group, English Learner Advisory Committee, and our African American Family Group. In addition, we host a monthly principal chat with families.

COVID-19 Safety Information

Please see the school’s website for COVID-19 safety information

Enrollment Priorities

The following information will be used to prioritize applicants at Aspire California College Prep during the Round One student assignment process. No particular type of applicant is guaranteed admission, and all applicants are prioritized in the following way:

  1. Students who currently attend another Aspire school
  2. Children of employees of Aspire Public Schools
  3. Students who have a sibling currently attending Aspire California College Prep
  4. Children of founding family members of Aspire California College Prep
  5. Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  6. Students who reside in the West Contra Costa Unified School District boundary
  7. All other applicants

Aspire California College Prep makes every attempt to accommodate siblings who apply together in the same school year. A separate enrollment application must be submitted for each student.

Grades Served
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
School Hours
Mon, Tues, Thurs: Grades 6-8: 8:10am - 3:35pm; Grades 9-12: 8am - 3:45pm | Wed: Grades 6-8: 8:10am - 2:38pm; Grades 9-12: 8:am - 2:51pm | Fri: Grades 6-8: 8:10am - 12:15pm; Grades 9-12: 8am - 12:30pm
After Care
3:40pm - 6pm
Before Care
Public Transportation
AC Transit: LA, LC, 72, 74, 76, 376
Tatiana Lim-Breitbart

By the Numbers

Total Enrollment
5% Asian
11% Black/African-American
77% Latino/Hispanic
1% White
6% Other
Suspension Rate: 3.7%
Chronic Absenteeism Rate: 18.6%
Graduation Rate: 97%
UC/CSU Eligibility: 85%

Special Education

Economically Disadvantaged

English Language Learners

Academic Comparison

Average academic scores (SBAC) for grades tested compared to the public school average score (district and charter) for the same grades.

English Scores
Math Scores
Academic Performance
English Language Arts

This school profile includes data available through CA Department of Education (CDE) or other sources. Due to the pandemic and resulting changes, data is released for multiple school years: Student / school demographic data, Graduation Rate, Chronic Absenteeism Rate, Suspension Rate, Academic Comparison, and Academic Performance are from the 2022-23 academic yearUC/CSU Eligibility data are from 2020-21. Some data is reported by schools to provide more up-to-date information and may differ from published CDE data.

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